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Early Years Education System” (EYES), since 1999, EYES has remained steadfast in its focus on bringing educational excellence to each of its childcare centers. EYES Framework for Their Future® Curriculum focuses on creating a learning-first environment for children ages six weeks to twelve years old.

Our kindergarten in Brampton utilizes common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment that strives for equity over excellence. EYES's emphasis has been on improving children’s creativity, concentration, and absorption powers. We believe in the value and dignity of all children. We believe that social and intellectual skills are best learned in an environment where self-esteem is nurtured and respect is absolute.

EYES Canada Childcare Centre is dedicated to making every child’s experience a positive one. PRISTINE PEARLS EYES CHILDCARE Centre is an expert Kindergarten in Brampton that provides an engaging environment that reflects values, morals, and teachings in a fun-filled environment.

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Building Bright Futures: Our Story at Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare

Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare has stood as a beacon of early childhood education excellence in Brampton since its establishment in 1999. Our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier educational experiences for children aged six weeks to twelve years old has remained a cornerstone of our philosophy throughout the years. At the heart of our approach lies the EYES Framework for Their Future® Curriculum, meticulously crafted to foster a learning-first environment where children can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

Educational Excellence

Our daycare centre in Brampton is synonymous with educational excellence. We believe in laying a solid foundation for children's lifelong learning journey, starting from their earliest days. Our curriculum is carefully designed to stimulate cognitive development, encourage creativity, and instill a love for learning. By integrating age-appropriate activities and experiences, we create a dynamic learning environment that adapts to the evolving needs and interests of each child.

Play-Based Learning

Central to our educational philosophy is the recognition of play as a powerful vehicle for learning. Through play-based activities, children explore, experiment, and discover the world around them. Our educators at our daycare centre in Brampton are trained to harness the intrinsic value of play, seamlessly integrating it into our curriculum to enhance children's problem-solving skills, social interactions, and emotional intelligence. Whether it's building with blocks, engaging in imaginative play, or exploring nature, every moment is an opportunity for growth and development.

Holistic Development

Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare prioritizes holistic development, recognizing that children thrive when their intellectual, physical, and emotional needs are met. Our programs at our daycare centre in Brampton encompass a wide range of activities that cater to all aspects of development, from fine motor skills exercises to social-emotional learning experiences. Through music, art, movement, and more, we provide a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures the whole child.

Kindergarten Program

As children grow and prepare for the transition to formal schooling, our programs at our Kindergarten in Brampton serve as a bridge to their future academic success. Building upon the strong foundation laid in our programs for our daycare centre in Brampton, our kindergarten curriculum focuses on essential literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills. With a combination of structured lessons and hands-on activities, we equip children with the tools they need to excel in school and beyond.

Community Engagement

Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare is not just a place of learning; it's a vibrant community where families come together to support their children's growth and development. We foster open communication and collaboration between educators, parents, and children at our daycare centre in Brampton, recognizing that partnerships are essential for children's success. Through family events, workshops, and regular updates, we ensure that families are actively involved in their child's educational journey.

Building Bright Futures: Our Story at Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare

Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare stands as a beacon of educational excellence, providing a nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive. With our innovative curriculum, dedicated educators, and strong community partnerships, our Kindergarten in Brampton is committed to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment, where every child's potential is realized to the fullest.


Why Choose Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare?

Why Choose Pristine Pearls EYES Childcare?

Comprehensive Early Education

Our Early Years Education System (EYES) Curriculum provides a robust foundation for lifelong learning, blending academics with social-emotional development through our Preschool in Brampton.

Experienced and Caring Educators

Our team of dedicated educators is not just teachers but mentors, guiding each child with personalized care at our daycare centre in Brampton.

Nurturing Environment

We believe in creating a warm, safe, and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported.

Holistic Approach

Our programs focus on developing the whole child, fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Strong Community Connection

We actively engage with parents and the community, building partnerships that enrich the learning experience for our children.

Commitment to Excellence

With over two decades of experience, we are committed to providing the highest standard of Preschool in Brampton.